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    One of the most known features of the modern business is the startups. The digital era we live is impossible to imagine without thousands and thousands of new startups in each year. It doesn't matter the branch of industry your startup will occupy you need to get the team of web developers. There is no successful project without IT component and most important of them the web component. So, where are the pitfalls which you may run into? There is a bunch of the issues which can sink your ship but the most important, disturbing, and grueling factors are the execution and human capital. It is needless to say, that every startup requires trained professionals to fulfill all the tasks of the new business. According to many studies, the average lifetime of 90% of startups is not more than half a year. And the main issue of them is the lack of reliable and trained professionals.

    How to find a website developer with a high professional background, motivation, and responsibility?

    Obviously, there is a good old way to hire the HR agency to test and find the staff. But in reality, it is a very long and expensive way which is absolutely inappropriate for most of the startups. Usually, when you are starting a new business you are lack of various resources and one of the first is the time. Bear in mind the impressive amounts you have to pay for each candidate and the good old method is going to the trashcan undoubtedly. Then you will be faced with the choice to create a headquarter or home office in the near neighborhood or bet on the distance work. A few days thinking will persuade you to accept the advantages of the distance work: no additional management, no office expenses. Thus we are heading to the three modern ways to find developers online for startup. Let us consider each of them in detail.


    The most popular and unreliable way to find the employees. The startup executives are tempted by the obvious cheapness and ease of hiring. It looks easy, this, but it's not. While you are searching online you are finding the person, who looks perfect for your task. He is free, he is looking quite professional for your purposes and ready to create the prototype and support your startup for the acceptable amount of money. You are making a deal and pay in advance for the specified part of a job. The catch is that this guy is living in another part of the world and is able to disappear in any moment. yes, it is true that you will collect the references from thousands of people who will warmly recommend him to you but it is still verybig probability to lose money, time, and faith in people. But freelance is fine if you have a short-term project which is requiring a little work to be done. It's cheap but you still have to be ready to spend a lot of time to test freelancers before actually doing anything, and if you need to hire a team, the task to find good web developers online one by one can be very exhausting and time-consuming.


    Outsourcing is another way to find software developers. You are hiring the ready-to-go team to develop and manage your project until the final working version. This is the quite expensive way to get the final project but is much more reliable if comparing with the freelance. You'd better use it if you don’t have time for project management and are interested in the final product only. You just forwarding a project to them with all the instructions and you'll receive a working version. All according to your instructions. The outsourcing is better to imagine like a train which is rush along the snowy rails somewhere in Alaska and sweeps away everything in its path. You are sitting in the first class and cannot intervene and control development at every stage. At least you can be sure you will get to the final destination.


    Probably, this is the most convenient and flexible way to create exactly what you need in your project. You should choose this option if you need to get a dedicated team of strong professionals with a proven background, reliable, and responsible. Yes, you should invest more resources in the first stage but these investments will pay off for sure. The outstaffing model implies the same participation of the dedicated team of professionals like you and their responsibility for the project itself. Usually, you are dealing with an outstaffing/offshore development company. They delve into the project and starting to create a dedicated team for your needs exactly. Thus the problem to find a good web developer will be removed from the agenda. As the rule, the good-known outstaffing company has a huge database of the various IT specialists with high professional level and good experience of the cooperative developments. This option is very important. The good understanding means the saving of the huge amount of time wasted for the misunderstanding otherwise. The outstaffing requires your direct engagement and day-by-day control of the whole work process. There are several models of outstaffing interaction
    Extended team solution
    the outstaffing company is assembling the team of web developers, scrum experts, and QA specialists, any other staff which may need for your purposes, providing office space and equipment for their activity. You are becoming the manager of this team and controlling all of the managerial issues. Thus you are extending your in-house team if you have it, and increasing output while reducing costs.
    Managed team solution
    very similar with the previous model except you getting professional management from outstaffing company additionally. You are maintaining control with help of the local management. It will be the best solution for the large-scale project with a large amount of the involved developers.
    Project solution
    this is the kind of simple outsourcing. You are giving instructions and getting a ready-to-work version.

    Outstaffing advantages.

    Despite any model which you will choose, you are getting: So, based on the foregoing, we can safely conclude that outstaffing is the most convenient and rational method of finding web developers for modern startups.