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    Each time you are facing with the necessity to create the website the question of technology choice becoming a key. One of the most powerful and advanced technology for your front-end development is Abgular.js framework. Because of its special features, Angular.js became the most preferable environment for creating interactive components of the websites. Created as a full-featured JavaScript framework it was led to enhance simplicity an efficiency of the front-end development on each level. Its special advantages in creating dynamic, single page apps, and supporting MVC (Model View Controller) programming structure were marked by a lot of the developers.

    Why it is worth to develop on Angular.js?

    The Angular.js was released in 2009 and very soon gained high popularity among developers. Today, Angular.js is a perfect tool and working great together along with Node.js. It should be noted that one of the factors which provide such growth is that it was carefully engineered. That's why the most of developers are noticing that every tool works optimally and delivers great results.

    Each new version of Angular.js brings even more convenient and reliable options. Thus the release of the AngularJS 4 in March 2017 made JavaScript the best programming language of the year. Regular updates of the Angular.js, in turn, makes possible to get a special attachment to apps and enhanced security and features.

    Here are the benefits of Angular.js usage:

    What skills should an Angular.js developer have?

    Except a common programming and IT knowledge an Angular.js developer have to have, or better to say, must have the following essential skills which allow us thinking good about candidate. The list is far incomplete so, feel free to ask additional questions on the interview.

    The good candidate must have:

    Thus if you feel that you or your HR managers are ready to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge at a professional level, the choice, hiring, and team building of the Angular.js developers will not be difficult.

    If not the next question you have to solve is:

    Where and how to hire the reliable and proven Angular.js developer? Freelance, outsource, outstaff. Pros / cons.