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    So, you have a great business idea. Right?

    You are constantly adding the new features to your prototype and regularly monitor potential customers opinions, and they are all insane in your idea.

    As the result, you need a website.

    You understand that in order to solve this problem you need:
    • to choose a programming language;
    • to choose a modern platform;
    • to select some modern framework;
    • to set up and buy storage, databases, and hosting;
    • to provide an interface for administration;
    • to provide access control and content management systems.

    You have to be lean and agile. You want to use technologies that will help you succeed in both the short and long term.

    If it’s true you have to choose MEAN stack application development.

    Why should you choose a MEAN Stack Development Company?

    MEAN Stack is a modern and powerful open-source platform. It allows developers to build top-notch websites and web applications based on JavaScript technologies.

    MEAN JS is the pack of the software of JavaScript-based frameworks.
    It includes probably the most powerful and advanced frameworks:

    • Mongo DB;
    • ExpressJS;
    • AngularJS;
    • NodeJS.

    There is its own significance and use cases for each framework in MEAN.

    The MEAN Stack dedicated both for the server-side and client-side JavaScript developers, thus, using MEAN allows using the same technology for both sides. it makes the Full Stack Development environment

    It makes a Full Stack Development environment quick and easy for building dynamic web applications.

    It is provided by bringing MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS and NodeJS together.

    MEAN is a full stack JavaScript solution and is perfect for the developing fast, scalable, and efficient web apps. Using the design pattern of Model View Controller or MVC makes this stack strengthened for better and robust designing. As open-source platform MEAN stack is backed by a strong community of MEAN stack developers, there are bunches of the ready-to-go solutions which are prepared, implemented and checked already. Using the JavaScript as the main programming language makes the four elements of MEAN stack very popular and advanced trend among modern web programmers.

    MEAN stack web development

    In an enterprise web application process the application structure is based on the MVC architecture. The design pattern of Model View Controller or MVC focusing on logic, presentation, and data. To handle each of these levels deployed various tools and frameworks. But the main advantage of the MEAN is the union of the four main frameworks together to solve the task of the rapid development of JavaScript even in the complex web application development processes.

    An important feature of MEAN is the transition from generating web pages on the server side to creating mostly single-page applications. Also transferring the MVC core from the server side to the client side, which is ensured by the inclusion of AngularJS in the stack (and Express.js has also included server-side page routing and generation).


    So, let's run over the list compiled at the beginning of our article.
    If you choose to MEAN you get:

    • choice of a programming language - done;
    • choice of a modern platform- done;
    • selection of some modern framework- done;
    • set up and buying storage, databases, and hosting - almost done;
    • providing an interface for administration - done;
    • providing access control and content management systems - done.

    Thus, choosing the MEAN stack web development company you are giving the best chance to survive for your startup. Thanks to your right choice you will be able to create the high-performance and lightweight web apps for scalable APIs, e-commerce websites, social networking sites, and gaming portals.