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    Here we will talk about the Node.js - one of the most important and powerful parts of the JavaScript ecosystem and web development as a whole. There are various frameworks in JavaScript and Node is one of them. This is just a run-time environment in which software engineers build applications.

    Why you have to choose the Node.js for your web development?

    Let's start from the point that the PayPal, Uber, Netflix, LinkedIn, and even NASA proceed their Web development using Node.js. This is the very popular technology, which is chosen by the millions of smaller enterprises for building apps.


    Because the Node.Js has it all:

    Add to this that Node.js is a free open-source server framework that runs on various platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix. Because of using JavaScript language Node.js is a fantastic choice for web servers, networking tools, and real-time app development.

    Giants' experience claim: Node.js is a great choice.

    What skills should a Node.js full stack developer have?

    Obviously, the choosing of the Node.js developer is not a trivial task for you or your HR managers. The senior Node.js expert is a rare bird and has to have a definite knowledge set. Below is the far incomplete list of the questions, you have to ask to test the person who calls themselves senior developer and claims to be able to lead the team of the Node.js developers.

    This list goes on and on but the above written is enough to understand that you or your HR manager have to have at least junior knowledge of programming. So, where is the way out?

    Where to look for Node.js software engineers? Freelance, Outsource, Outstaff. Pros et Cons.

    Needless to say, that the freelance is the most popular way to find the remote part-time or full-time employee from the very wide range of the industries. Naturally, you are able to use this resource in a full.

    No doubt, it will be useful and successful if you or your HR managers are an expert in IT technologies and have the basic knowledge of above-written conceptions. If not, you doomed to seek for the reliable and proven experts to test candidates, which is make your search much more expensive.

    In terms of Freelance, there is also the other side of the coin:

    So, let's consider outsourcing as the other way to find a Node.js developer.

    When you choose this approach you have to look for the Node.js web development company which declares their capabilities in the web application development.

    In this case, you have much more warranties your product will be ready but the dark side is that you are transferring the description, conception, and full stack of the instructions. You will get exactly what you described in your project at the start point and you are not able to implement any additional changes in the project during the process of the development. Most of all it looks like a snapshot of your vision at the moment of the end of the documentation for the first version.

    In case you need to make changes "on the run" it can raise expenses and will cost you a lot of time additionally.

    The third and the most affordable way to find your Node.js developer is outstaffing. This approach is very agile and lean.

    There are three most popular models in the outstaffing:

    In conclusion, we must admit that outstaffing is the most affordable approach because of the human resources factor. You are able to start your Node.js application development in a very fast and convenient way because the outstaffing personnel usually well know each other and have a big experience in the cooperative job. Using the outstaff approach, you save not only the budget for office expenses but also the time to start a team. Given these factors, the cost can be reduced by 60%.